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**Please note that this proposal is valid up to 1 month from the date of proposal**

Cover Letter

Hello Dr. Venu Gopal,

First and foremost I would like to thankyou for considering to avail our services. It was great talking to you and meeting Mr. Raj Kumar on your apartment. I am glad in getting the opportunity to work with professional and will try my very best to deliver on your expectations to get you a brilliant space to live and cherish. I would like you to know that we are a group of young Architects & Designers working in towards design and innovation across multiple states in India. We work under the firm banner ‘Damique Ventures’. Together we come up with designs that exceeds existing standards and designs that are sustainable, environment friendly and backed by in-age technology. Most of our projects are turnkey and we have collaboration with experienced contractors who bring our designs to life and manage all stuffs for you. Our contractors will arrange and deliver all the items deemed necessary while you sit back in your comfort.

We wish to come up with a design using similar approach for you as well. This proposal is a generic documentation of the process and methodology of our work. I hope, this will give you a clear picture of how you are going to get your designs executed. As discussed, you must have got a mood board on your email with this proposal. We advise you to go through the mood board and let us know which style you find closest to your taste and workable for your apartment.

Know your Designers

nadeem j damique | roohul ameen

Proposal Overview

The Residential Apartment is a part of True Friends Colony located in Dwarka, New Delhi. A 3BHK Layout of approximately 1500-1700 sqft. The apartment incorporates a large drawing room with a non-rectangular balcony having a void cut-out. A fabulous view can be seen through the balcony.

The apartment features two large bedrooms and a small study room. The drawing room is connected to the bedrooms and study room with a lobby presently being used as a dining area. 

The kitchen presently has a two aisle layout with attached janitor toilet with a completely separate access.

Scope of work (macro)

From the Client

  1. Complete Re-coloring/Texturing of walls
  2. Balcony to be modified
  3. Incorporation of a staff quarter
  4. Essential Furniture (Wardrobe, Sofa, etc)
  5. UPVC Windows and Partition
  6. Modular Kitchen Re-Design
  7. Lighting Design
  8. False Ceiling Design
  9. Faucets and Showers as necessary
  10. Storage for guests

Initial Instructions

  1. White is the Favorite Color
  2. Geometric Shapes Preferred
  3. Minimal Design Recommended
  4. No Unwanted Noise
  5. Free Wires to be avoided
  6. No water leakage should be there
  7. Drawing room seating for 6-8 members
  8. Universal Power kill switch
  9. Mid Bedroom for the owner and study room for patients.

The Process

Every designer has her/his own method of working and own design process. Following is a detailed explanation of our working process. It describes every aspect of the process from the beginning to the end. You can find the status of steps and financial status below.

Our methodology is primarily divided in 8 major macro stages as described below.

01. Site Visit

Status: Complete

Financials: 1000 (already paid)

This is where the project primarily takes off. Site Visit is extremely necessary to get an idea of the space that has to be designed. Then only we will be able to suggest a fabulous and functional design for your space.

At this stage, we give you a sense of design possibilities that might work for your space. We also try to get an idea of your taste and liking wrt spaces.

02. Mood Board

Status: Ongoing

Financials: nil

Based on our discussions, we will give you a mood board that will give you a basic look and feel of specific spaces in your apartment. A mood board is primarily a set of images or renders that will show various design styles and typologies. These images can be from the internet itself or from our previous projects.

A mood board will help you decide whether the designer is being able to resonate with your ideas and likings. This is also an important data based on which you will make the decision of hiring the designer.

03. Design Contract

Status: Upcoming

Financials: 10% of the total design fee

Now that you are happy with the mood board, it’s time that we formally begin the design process. A contract will be provided to you and based on our mutual understanding an agreement will be signed which will contain every aspect of the design process-right from concepts to execution drawings and the payment bifurcation.

Please note, this contract will be limited to all the design works only. A separate contract based on the design shall be provided for the execution part.

04. Measured Drawings

Status: Upcoming

Financials: nil

Once the contract is signed, we will formally begin the design process. It will start with measured drawings. A measured drawing is a primarily a layout drawing of your existing space. In this stage every essential dimension will be taken note of.

Based on the measured drawing, we will come up with further design interventions.

A copy of this drawing will be provided to you for your reference.

05. Design Develpoment

Status: Upcoming

Financials: as per contract

Design development is basically the process of conceptualizing and iterating design layouts. This stage is the most important stage of all.

Design is a two way process. It is impossible to get to a fully functional design without your involvement. We will need to do several meetings/sessions to come up with a final design layout. This will involve couple of iterations and re-iterations of proposed designs.

This goes without saying, every space has different design requirements. What works for a particular space might not work for another.

This stage ends up with finalizing the design that has to be executed.

06. Execution Drawings

Status: Upcoming

Financials: as per contract

Now that the design is finalized, we will start preparing GFC Drawings (Good for construction drawings). These are technical drawings that is primarily used by the contractor to execute on site. It will have all the necessary details that any contractor would need to get a design executed on site. 

A copy of these drawings will be provided to you for your reference.

07. Execution Contract

Status: Upcoming

Financials: as per contract

At this stage the design process is complete and you have an exact picture of what your apartment is going to look like. 

Now comes the daunting part of project-EXECUTION. I would like to bring to your notice that unlike other design agencies, you can choose to get it executed through us or any other third party contractor of your choice. Obviously, our contractors have an understanding of our working process and would be able to seamlessly execute the project.  

Based on the finalized design, an execution quote will be provided to you defining the scope of execution. This quote will be a ‘per square foot’ rate. This rate will be based on the finalized  design/materials/fittings etc. Obviously, different designs would attract different prices to get executed.

Should you find the rate of execution reasonable and feasible, you will again be provided with a contract defining the scope of project and bifurcation of payments.

If you choose to go with a third party contractor, a supervision fee would be charged in case project upersion is required.

08. Site Execution

Status: Upcoming

Financials: as per contract

As the title itself says, the design will get executed as per the contract.


Project financials are as important as the whole design process is. These financials guide major design decisions and help the project navigate in a certain desired direction. We like to keep the budgeting quite straightforward. No hidden charges. The concerned contract will clearly define each scope of work within a defined budget.

Let us help you understand how our financials are structured.

Our charges are divided into two segments. The first is ‘Design Charges’ and the second is ‘Execution Charges’. This helps us keep the work streamlined and gives you the flexibility to choose to get executed through us or any third party contractor. These segments are divided into further stages that will be defined in the contract.

01. Site Visit: ₹1000 (To be settled in the design fees)

02. Design Fee: We charge ₹140 per square feet of area (Exclusive of 18% GST)

Our design fee is amongst the competitive rates in Delhi and covers every deliverable that needed to get the design executed on site. 10% of the design fees will have to be paid while signing the design contract for the design process to commence. The rest of the 90% shall be paid in a set of 2-3 stages that will be described in the contract.

Example: Let’s say if your apartment’s carpet area is 1500 sqft. Then your total design fees would be ₹140 x 1500 = ₹2,10,000. 10% of this amount will be paid during design contract. So ₹21,000 shall be paid while signing the contract and the rest ₹1,89,000 would be paid further in 2-3 stages.

03. Execution Fee: Dependent on the finalized design.

It is pretty obvious that different projects have different designs and different designs require different budget to get executed. Execution can range anywhere between ₹1100/sqft to ₹3000/sqft for a size of your apartment. However this can change based on the market situation during the period of execution. This budget will be clearly described in the Execution Contract signing stage. Like the design fee, this one also be divided into multiple stages based on the work that that has to be carried out at that stage.

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