Designer Supreme 2022 Digital Planner

This is a 2022 dated Monday-start digital planner having a variety of useful templates to help you schedule and organize your time efficiently in the coming year. An effective solution to stop procrastinating and making the most out of the year. This dated planner is extensively hyperlinked and comes in a very subtle colour scheme. Each day is linked with two dedicated pages. One that can be used for Daily diary entry/daily notes and other can be used to schedule the day to achieve priority based goals. The entire planner is hyperlinked with easy navigation that helps to move between parent and child pages very smoothly.

You can go from yearly view to monthly view to daily view within a snap.

This planner is very carefully designed, keeping the users from many domains in mind. Along with many dated sections, it comes with many undated sections as well to boost your productivity. All the sections included in this planner is mentioned below. Along with all these, this planner has a unique iconography that will for sure help you to navigate through different sections with ease.

Planner Sample Shots

Inside this planner


Daily Sections

Weekly Sections

Monthly Sections

Misc. Sections 1

Misc. Sections 2


Bonus Files

What will you get?

This is a digital product and follows instant download post-purchase. No physical copy will be shipped. Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to the content and you can download it as many times as you like. This product contains the following items.

My Recommendation

The planner has been created to work on any PDF annotation app or software across multiple devices. However, I would personally recommend usage on an IPad with an apple pencil (or a stylus) and the use of either Goodnotes or Notability. Please note that this planner is not suitable for use on mobile phones or for small-screen tablets (please ask me if you aren’t sure if your device is suitable) nor for printing. Please note, this is a digital product and as such no physical product will be shipped.

Why should you buy
Designer Supreme 2022 Digital Planner?

You may ask why you would choose to purchase your digital products from me and not one of the many other stores on Etsy that also offer digital planners. the answer is that I spend a lot of time researching and ensuring that the products I put out in my shop provide a perfect blend of aesthetics and logic. I also field test my products both personally and with a controlled focus group to ensure that my products stand the test of the general market.

Color Scheme

The Color Scheme of this planner is inspired by the natural beauty of a beach. We can see a diversity of soothing colours at a beach. These colours not only look beautiful but also keep the overall design very subtle and fresh. You will a totally new experience while using this planner. 


The digital artwork showcased in my shop remains the intellectual property of Nadeem Jawwad Damique. My artwork is for personal use only.

Copyright © 2021 by Nadeem Jawwad Damique. All rights reserved

Color Disclaimer

The color variations in screens and monitors means that sometimes your printed artwork may appear slightly different than what you saw on your screen.



The files that you purchase and download here are digital and as such, I do not accept any returns, cancellations or refunds. When you purchase these files you accept these terms and conditions. Also, our EU customers should please note that you waive your right to cancel this purchase under the EU Consumer Protection Law.

You may not also alter nor share the digital files with anyone even if not for commercial purposes.

However, if you do have any issues with your download or your file, please do reach out to me and I shall do everything to make it right.

Help & Support

You can always reach out to me if you find any problems in the planner or if you aren’t able to set up your planner. I will help you out at the earliest. To get in touch, mail at [email protected] or drop a message via the form below.

Designer Supreme 2022 Digital Planner



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